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Fibreglass Pool Installations in Kitchener-Waterloo and Surrounding Areas

Owning your own fibreglass swimming pool is truly an amazing experience, but it’s more than just a pool. It’s about living your dream lifestyle! It’s about connecting with the beauty of the outdoors and enjoying life. With Embark Design you get timely fibreglass pool installations in and around New Dundee, ON. Choose from a wide range of pool options and pick the one that fits your expectations the best. After all, with the right pool, your backyard becomes a special place for creating memories with family and loved ones. Our fibreglass pool options come in different colours, are durable, and easy to maintain. Be it a refreshing morning swim before taking on the day or having the right place to relax during the holidays, our range of fibreglass pools are the way to go. 

There are several considerations like cost, available space and the location of your new fibreglass pool to plan for in advance, which Embark Design helps you with. Our skilled contractors have years of experience installing fibreglass pools, ensuring you get quality and expertise. At Embark Design, we strive to amplify your property’s curb appeal by providing fibreglass pool installations in Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding areas within a 100 km radius around New Dundee.

So give us a call and get free estimates on your fibreglass installations. 

Top Quality Fibreglass Pools

Embark Design is your local, specialized installer of Barrier Reef fibreglass pools across New Dundee and surrounding areas. Barrier Reef Fibreglass pools come in a wide variety of styles and colours. Our contractors at Embark Design help choose the best option, depending on you and your family’s needs. 

Visit Barrier Reef Pools’ website to see their full catalogue. 

Models and Colours

Barrier Reef fibreglass pools come in all kinds of shapes, rectangular, free-form, kidney, plungie, hybrids, spas and more! Each model is replicated exactly as you see it in the catalogue here

Pools bring families and friends closer, so don’t hesitate! Browse from our wide range of fibreglass pool designs and select the one that fits your home the best.


Following are details of some of their pool models

Length Width Shallow Deep
Sydney Harbour 40' 16' 3'6" 6'6"
Sydney Harbour 35' 16' 3'6" 6'1"
Bondi 40' 15'8" 3'8" 6'6"
BONDI 35 35' 15'8" 3'6" 6'3"
BILLABONG COVE 35' 16' 3'4" 6'5"
BILLABONG SPLASH 27' 13' 3'7" 5'6"
Whitsunday Deep 40' 15'8" 3'6" 8'6"
Outback Dundee 30' 14' 3'6" 5'10"
Outback Dundee Lounger 30' 14' 3'6" 5'10"
Whitsunday 35 Lounger 35' 15'8" 3'6" 6'4"
Whitesunday 30 Lounger 30' 15'8" 3'6" 6'1"
Outback Lounger 30' 11'3" 4'3" flat 4'3" flat

For more information on the different designs and the looks, please visit here.

Colours Available

Ocean Shimmer

Ocean Shimmer

California Shimmer

California Shimmer

Aquamarine Shimmer

Aquamarine Shimmer

Sandstone Shimmer

Sandstone Shimmer

Midnight Shimmer

Midnight Shimmer

Evening Sky Shimmer

Evening Sky Shimmer

Arctic Shimmer

Arctic Shimmer

Why Fibreglass Pools?

In-ground fibreglass swimming pools come with certain advantages over traditional concrete pools, which makes them a more attractive and durable alternative. 


Some of these factors are:


  • Hassle-free usage

  • Plungie Concrete pool installation

  • Quick Installations - Up to 7 days or less

  • Requires little to no maintenance as the pool surface is easy to clean

  • Available in different designs and colour options

  • Unlike other surfaces, fibreglass swimming pools are non-abrasive to human skin

  • Can handle shakes and movements in the earth’s crust

  • A gel coat finish extends the life and durability of your pool


Our Work

Installing fibreglass pools remains a key part of our work here at Embark Design. We help our clients get the luxury they deserve with our top-quality fibreglass swimming pools, available in diverse models and colours. Say goodbye to boring old swimming pools and welcome the new! Here’s a peek into some of our fibreglass pools.

Attractive Swimming Pools

Recharge yourself after a long day of work, in your attractive new fibreglass swimming pool.

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